Counterparts member calls out Senses Fail for reportedly cancelling their upcoming tour together

Author Jad - 20.2.2022

Senses Fail have been publicly criticized by members of Counterparts for allegedly causing the cancellation of their upcoming U.S. tour together. Though there’s been no official announcement made as of yet, Senses Fail were booked to headline a run dubbed the Hell Is In Bloom Tour starting late next month with We Came As RomansCounterparts and SeeYouSpaceCowboy opening. The tour was first announced this past November.

According to Counterparts, that tour has unceremoniously been cancelled due Senses Fail opting to take a more desirable tour offer, leaving their previously booked openers in the lurch. Counterparts commented on the matter this weekend:

Counterparts drummer Kyle Brownlee was a bit more explicit in his condemnation of Senses Fail, offering:

A since-deleted tweet made by Brownlee yesterday (February 18th) read:

And you know what, I was going to be civil about this and try to bite my tongue, but this is Senses Fail ABSOLUTELY fucking us. not a chance in hell we can do anything in that time period now, band I used to look up to is dead to me.

As of press time, Senses Fail don’t appear to have addressed the matter publicly.