Brazilian black metal band Voorish releases music video for “You Are Nothing”

Author Daniel Agapito - 28.5.2024

Voorish, a Brazilian black metal band, released a disturbing and nefarious music video for “You Are Nothing“, in a true manifesto to misanthropy, satanism and contempt for the human race. “You Are Nothing” anticipates the release of the band’s debut album, scheduled for the first half of 2024. Despite this being their first release, Voorish has been gaining a loyal fan base through their live memorable performances, making the band one of the major promisses of the underground scene.

“This song represents all the indifference, disgust and misanthropy towards humanity. It is the desire to hate everyone equally”

Watch the video clip below:

The launch was accompanied by the announcement of the long-awaited show that the band will perform together with the classic Belgian black metal band, Enthroned, the Mexican band Introtyl and the fellow Brazilians of Nervochaos.

Formed during the pandemic, in mid-2021, influenced by the apocalyptic scenario the world was in, Voorish brings in its dark lyrics themes of misanthropy and satanism, reinforcing the evil and disastrous aura of their compositions. The band’s lineup includes vocalist Devil From Chaos, guitarist Servus Inferni, bassist Scepticismi Defensoris and drummer Umbra Entitatis.

Bassist Scepticismi Defensoris highlights a very important aspect regarding Voorish’s approach and positioning:

“Dealing with extreme subjects, as is the case of black metal, is always quite dangerous, as these themes are sometimes associated with fascist extremists, Nazis, Zionists or any variation of extreme right-wing ideals. In our releases, we are always careful to highlight the expression “FCK NZS”, seeking to make clear the position of all band members. Regardless of whether our songs do not address anti-fascist or progressive themes – as our artistic proposal tends to satanism, the occult and misanthropy – the position of all.”

Learn more about Voorish through their profile on Instagram.

Check out the band’s live performance playing another one of their new tracks, “Pray“, below: