Black Priest releases new album “Fatal”

Author Daniel Agapito - 25.3.2024

In the purest doom / classic metal style, the album is the group’s newest venture.

Black Priest, from Rio de Janeiro, released the album “Fatal” on March 20th. It is not just a tribute to the horror film genre. It is also a lament, for all those who perished in the face of agony, violence and injustice. Formed in 2019 by Vinicius Libânia (vocals), Gg Neto (bass), Raphael Ribeiro (guitar) and Phil Drigues (drums), their main musical references are highly successful metal groups such as Black Sabbath and Judas Priest.

The album will feature the following tracks:

01 – “Crux Tempesta”
02 – “Catacombs”
03 – “Predator’s Lust”
04 – “Let Me In”
05 – “The Common Violence”
06 – “The Ghost”
07 – “Fear Itself”
08 – “Secret Desire”
09 – “All I See is Black”

Special features:
Anderson Paz – keyboards on “Crux Tempesta” and “All I See is Black
Flávia Andrade – additional voices in “The Common Violence

The work was recorded and mixed at FK Studio (Niterói, RJ) and produced and mixed by Franklin Vilaça.

About the concept of the record, vocalist Vinicius Libânia says: “We love horror films. Of all kinds. About ghosts, witches, psychopaths, vampires… We get involved with the chase. With the casting of curses. With the desperate loss of life. We see the shadow of the executioners, death in their eyes. We see the dead returning to life, to kill the living. The sinister empathy we have with the victims in these works is remarkable. We flee with them, we are persecuted with them, but we don’t die with them. An ironic security.

But why? Why are we attracted to such films? Just to experience the feeling of horror in a protected environment? For facing our fears without real-world consequences? For the pleasure of relief after the agony has passed?

Or is it because we know we have not faced the terror of the truth? The terror of life. The fear of being attacked in the dark on the streets. The fear of the uncertainty of our choices. From harassment and abuse. From hunger and war”, he concludes.

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