Black Priest: learn more about the band’s new music video, “Let Me In”

Author Daniel Agapito - 22.4.2024

Let Me In” is the title of their new video, being the second in the band’s career written, directed, filmed and edited by the members themselves. Its production was led by Black Priest Films.

Regarding the concept of the video, the band comments: “They chase your shadow. They watch you while you sleep. They don’t hide from the light of day, nor disappear into the darkness. They get closer and closer, clinging to your thoughts, your delusions… And your fears. They know you more than you think. Madness is just the beginning. Possession is inevitable.

Watch now:

Produced by: Black Priest
Script by: Gg Neto
Directed by: Black Priest
Edited by: Black Priest Films

Vinicius Libânia as The Priest
Gg Neto as The Evil
Raphael Ribeiro as The Specter
Phil Drigues as The Healer