Black Priest drops music video for “All I See is Black”

Author Daniel Agapito - 10.5.2024

Black Priest, from Rio de Janeiro, has released a new music video for their track “All I See is Black“, taken from their most recent album “Fatal”, once again produced by Black Priest Films, this time in lyric video format.

Its dense theme means that the video presents dark scenes, creating a unique dark atmosphere that perfectly matches the proposal. About the track, vocalist Vinicius Libânia comments:

End of the world. The final night. The sum of all misfortunes falls on men, breaking the veil that separates existence from darkness.
All dreams come to an end, and every living being awakens to the ultimate nightmare. All ambitions, lusts and follies.

All I See is Black” has several elements of theatrical rock/metal, showing a power of creation and quality lyrical development. Watch the video at the link below: