Better Noise Music sues former Bad Wolves vocalist Tommy Vext

Author Samuel Järvinen - 26.8.2021

We recently published an article in which we told you that former Bad Wolves singer Tommy Vext is continuing to use the name of his former band as part of his solo tour.

Now Vext is being sued by Better Noise Music, Five Nineteen Music Publishing Inc. and 10th Street Entertainment.

However, the lawsuit is not about using the band’s name in connection with gigs, but about Vext’s unauthorised release of previously unreleased music videos and recordings without permission.

Prosecutors allege that Vext infringed their copyrights by posting covers of the band on Patreon in the middle of the band’s COVID-19 break and continues to post unauthorized content on their Instagram page as well as on OnlyFans.

Attention is also drawn to the use of the band’s name in connection with Vext gigs, allegedly in a conscious attempt to mislead fans.

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