Ex-Bad Wolves vocalist Tommy Vext still uses the band’s name on his solo tour

Author Samuel Järvinen - 24.8.2021

Things are escalating between rock group Bad Wolves and their ex-singer Tommy Vext, who was sacked earlier this year; the singer, who has been touring under his own name for the summer, has been using the name of his former band on his solo tours despite the ongoing legal action.

On Saturday, Vext posted a 10-show Don’t Shed On Me solo tour on his Instagram page under the name Tommy Vext And The B@d W8lv3s. The name is apparently unauthorised, as Bad Wolves will continue their career with lead singer Daniel Lasckiewicz.

At the end of July, we reported that Vext is suing Allen Kovac, the CEO of Better Noise Music and the band’s manager, who is accused of smoking the singer out of the band because of right-wing conspiracy theories he was spreading. The indictment also alleges a conspiracy between the band itself and its manager, as well as alleged racism on Kovac’s part.

In addition to the internal turmoil within the band, Vext was sentenced in late 2020 to a two-year restraining order after his assault on his former girlfriend Whitney Johns.

Meanwhile, Vext raised more than $180 000 for his solo career through a GoFundMe campaign for the record, but so far, apart from a 30-second snippet, there has been no word on the solo album.