Beloved Ghouls project led by members of Testament, Slayer and Exodus release a new song “Shocked!”

Author Samuel Järvinen - 29.10.2021

In 2020, around Halloween, the Beloved Ghouls project released the song “Terrorized“. At the time, the line-up featured Sepultura’s Derrick Green, former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo and Exodus‘ Gary Holt.

Now the line-up has been slightly modified. On the new “Shocked!” track, Lombardo and Holt are joined by Testament’s Chuck Billy and Amen’s Casey Chaos. The song was produced by the legendary Ross Robinson, who has produced Slipknot, among others.

Proceeds from the song will be donated to charity, Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue.

Testament’s Chuck Billy is currently working on a new rock album.

Gary Holt said in a recent interview that he doesn’t think Slayer will return to the stage again.