Testament’s Chuck Billy has a new rock album in the works: possibly featuring musicians from Megadeth and Lamb of God

Author Samuel Järvinen - 14.9.2021

Chuck Billy, lead singer of the metal band Testament, is currently working on a new solo album. Billy told the Not These Two Fucking Guys podcast that the album will be blues-inspired and rockin’.

“I want it to be different. And what I’ve told all these guys [is] that I wanna do a solo record, but I don’t want it to resemble Testament; I wanna do something different. And the direction I wanna go is the old classic vinyl-sounding records — just real, clean and dry and big. Real tones — not compressed digital stuff. I want it to be classic sounding, but have it rock, have it bluesy. Have some metal, but just have it where [it doesn’t sound like what people are used to hearing from me].”

Billy had reached out to musicians from Lamb of God, Megadeth and Deftones for the album.

“Well, it started [to be] in the works, but then things just kind of got held up. I was recruiting some guitar players over the last six months to write a record with me, and I was gonna use a different guitar player on every song to help me write songs. Mark Morton, I’ve talked to him; he wants to work [with me]. I also want Gary Holt to write some songs with me. Glen Drover is gonna write some songs… I haven’t approached my cousin Stef from the Deftones yet, but I’m gonna see if he’ll wanna write a song with me. I tried to reach out to Joe Bonamassa [to] write a song with me.”