Bad Wolves and ex-singer Tommy Vext started a war of words on social media: “Desperate people do desperate things”

Author Samuel Järvinen - 9.9.2021

Tommy Vext, the ex-lead singer of metal band Bad Wolves, left the band early this year and went on to build a solo career. However, a dispute arose with his former band after Vext continued to use the band’s name on tour, as well as unauthorised posting of material from the band’s archives on social media.

Now Bad Wolves and Vext have left the lawyers out of the equation and are arguing directly with each other on social media. Bad Wolves published the following post:

“Desperate people do desperate things.

Tommy Vext quit Bad Wolves last January to pursue a solo career. Unfortunately, he quickly realized that nobody cares about him as a solo artist and that he can’t make or sell music on his own.

He can’t write his own music so he released an edited version of our first single with his vocals on it. Desperate people do desperate things.

He can’t sell tickets as a solo artist, so he bills himself as B@D W8LV3S. Desperate people do desperate things.

He tried to dupe fans into buying a covers record he didn’t own only to be shut down by GoFundMe for fraud. Desperate people do desperate things.

But What’s most desperate are the mountains of lies Tommy has told since leaving the band. It is clear he has no moral compass and is willing to say and do anything, regardless of the truth.


Vext published his response:


Desperate people do desperate things. Imagine a bsnd of hired guns handed a massive record deal because their singer saved another rockstars life from alcoholism. Imagine watching him repeatedly rejecting your bad ideas to work with A-List producers to convey a message and a testimony so powerful that it helped heal people. Imagine growing up in poverty amd giving away 100% of the highest selling rock song in 16 years to a family that lost their mother.

Imagine being ousted, ridiculed, falsely, accused, betrayed and abandoned and still carrying on. Imagine having your hard work and blood and sweet stolen by vengeful incompetence & inexcusable greed.

Imagine going through all this and still packing up booking a tour after a global pandemic and selling more tickets then your famous bands headlining shows ever did.

Yeah I’m desperate. Look at this footage. This is my family now. You fucked with me and now you fucked with all of us. KEEP MY SONGS IDGAF YOU CAN MEVER REPLACE THE SAUCE. Everyone now knows. You failed. IF YOU WERENT SO AFRAID YOU’D LET ME PUT OUT MY OWN RECORDS & LET THE BEST BAND WIN. BUT YOU CANT BECAUSE OF YOUR EGOS.

Go book a headlining tour and show the world your draw. Watch this video. Because this is mine. 

#BadWolves #TheKing #Tommyvext #freetommyvext #betternoisemusic #LetTheBestBandWin #Lifeline #TheLastRealFrontman”