Andy McCoy confirms Hanoi Rocks will play more gigs in the future

Author Samuel Järvinen - 4.10.2022

Finnish rock legends Hanoi Rocks recently made a long-awaited comeback gig.

Many fans will be wondering if this concert was the only one of its kind. Now, in a recent interview with Writer In Japan, the band’s guitarist Andy McCoy confirms that there will be more Hanoi Rocks shows in the future.

When asked about the band’s return, McCoy replies:

“It was all sweet. Good vibes. Originally we thought we wanted to play a one-off secretly but then we thought how unfair that would be to our fans around the world and then it got announced, one thing lead to another and the band is together again. That’s it, that’s the news; the original Hanoi Rocks is playing again”

When asked if the band will do more gigs, McCoy replies:

“Not very often and we are not going to do huge tours but we will do one-off gigs every now and then.”