Alternative night: Flat Earth + Spiritraiser live at Tiivistämö, Helsinki 16.04

Author John Wins - 23.4.2022

The warm night of April 16th brought Chaoszine to the heart of Suvilahti in Helsinki, more specifically to the Tiivistämö venue, where three bands would bring a mix of metal and alternative rock to the audience.

Nothing But Sunshine, Spiritraiser and Flat Earth were more than happy and grateful to be playing live after some time of silence due to the pandemic. Showing some hits and new music were the best way to make that Saturday night a pleasant source of music.

Flat Earth | Still by John Wins

The opening band was Nothing But Sunshine, playing a sound very similar to what some rock bands did in the early ’00s. Synths and introspective guitars were their basis for singer Jaakko Suni color his lyrics. The group is planning their first release soon, but you can listen to some of the singles they’ve released so far.

Nothing But Sunshine | Still by John Wins

If you already had the chance to listen to “Ciklos”, the second full-length from Spiritraiser, you know that the album is one of the most interesting things released so far this year.

The voice of Jules Näveri is already known for his years with Profane Omen and lately for his work with Rootbrain, but lately much of his efforts are in Spiritraiser, and the band has been releasing singles, EP and finally found its most evolved form in this new 10 track album.

Playing basically the entire album, the band was smiling and enjoying every minute of it on stage, with grooves, effects and vocal lines so well played that sometimes it feel like listening to the studio version. Jules‘ vocals have something even more unique when performed live. Hard to explain, but his skills, energy and enthusiasm put into every word delivers his message to perfection.

Spiritraiser | Still by John Wins

The singles “Invisible Enemy”, “Stream” and “Glory” were played live, of course, and it showcases more than Näveri’s impressive technique, but deep and thoughtful lyrics mixed with catchy harmonies can also be found on tracks like “Quipu”.

Their influences goes to different eras, but it feels like something between the grunge era, a little touch of Brazilian rhythms and even a late 70s psychedelic.

Being there witnessing the first gig of this new album was an unforgettable experience, greatly enhanced by the interesting light mechanism that the band had on stage, giving colorful tones to the audience.

Spiritraiser | Still by John Wins

Jules was very grateful after the gig, sharing some of these thoughts with Chaoszine:

“My first thought on stage was like ‘wow! I’m here in front of people and we’re doing a live show’, and after almost three years it’s been overwhelming.

We want to bring out the message of hope and also a message about live culture. People coming out and enjoying live music.”Jules Näveri (Spiritraiser. Rootbrain)

When you see these guys playing in the venue closest to you, do yourself a favor and go see them! “Ciklos” is out and available for streaming on your favorite service.

Spiritraiser | Still by John Wins

Flat Earth is a well-known band in Finland, also known as one of these supergroups, featuring a classic lineup with former members of HIM and Amorphis, two of the most famous and successful Finnish bands. Unfortunately, original drummer Gas Lipstick parted ways with them less than a month before this show, so for this gig they had the multi-instrumentalist Mikko Herranen on drums.

The alternative/metal band has been heavily affected due to the worldwide situation since 2020, cancelling gigs, postponing an European tour and making the guys sitting on their second album for nearly three years.

Flat Earth | Still by John Wins

Playing basically half of the setlist with songs for the next album, the band was giving it all on stage, even though they only had a few weeks to rehearse with Mikko.

The new songs “Draining by Your Flame” and “Adore” sound great with a live performance, but it was a good time to hear songs that will be released in the near future, like “Brother”.

Other tunes like “Cyanide”, “Blame” and the melancholic ballad “Blunt” provided an interesting contrast between old and new material, making the fans happy on a strange warm mid-April night in Finland.

Flat Earth | Still by John Wins

Niclas and his new partner in crime had fun with grooves, Anthony knows how to make his influences from Soundgarden to Incubus come true with his own touch while Linde shines with some of the best solos of his impressive career.

We, Flat Earth fans (the band, let’s be clear) are looking forward to listening this new album, already expecting something fresh for what a new lineup can bring up.

Anthony was kind enough to share a few words with us about his feelings and thoughts just a few minutes after his live performance:

“Let’s hope this is the new beginning for many more gigs and sort a fresher start for our band.

The plan is to wait for a right moment to release the whole album with a new music video, single and to be able to go on tour, play more shows. The usual cycle of a band.”Anthony Pikkarainen

Having bands like Spiritraiser and Flat Earth sharing their art through some amazing music is the best way to keep our spirits alive in these strange dark days we are living in. It was a great night with great artists. Support your local bands, buy merchandise and share your admiration for those you admire every time you have the opportunity to do so.

You can watch our video report about the show below: