Interview with Spiritraiser vocalist Jules Näveri: “Stream” single and alternative rock’s place in Finland

Author Samantha Chilli - 30.12.2021

Helsinki-based rockers Spiritraiser recently released their single “Stream” and its shadowy music video, a taste of their forthcoming sophomore album due in springtime 2022 via Luminol Records.

The four-piece—including Jules Näveri (vocals), Uula Korhonen (guitar), Anssi Ruotanen (bass), and Kristian Merilahti (drums)—are carving out their place in the Finnish rock and metal landscape, delivering a blend of alternative rock and metal, progressive, and ambient elements.

In an interview stretching from Brooklyn to Brazil, Chaoszine caught up with Näveri (Rootbrain, Enemy of the Sun, ex-Profane Omen) to discuss the band’s unique intercontinental collaboration process, widely varied sources of musical inspiration, and eager plans to bring Spiritraiser back to the stage.

You can watch the full interview below:

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