10 facts you might not know about Vixen’s new singer Rosa Laricchiuta

Author Benedetta Baldin - 25.6.2024

Are you a fan of Vixen and eager to learn more about their new lead singer, Rosa Laricchiuta? This powerhouse vocalist brings a fresh energy to the legendary rock band. Here are 10 intriguing facts about Rosa that you might not know, shedding light on her journey, talent, and what she brings to the stage. Laricchiuta’s first performance can be seen here:

And now, dive in to discover the fascinating story behind Vixen’s latest addition!

  1. She was a grand finalist on the third season of La Voix, the Quebec version of the popular TV show The Voice. 
  2. Rosa loves Melissa Etheridge, and she was even invited to perform with her twice in the past.
  3. Other than performing with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Headpins, she has released a few albums under her name and Black Rose Maze.
  4. She loves Asian countries, and a lot of her tattoos reflect this as well.
  5. Laricchiuta plays hockey.
  6. She wanted to be in an all-female band since she was a kid. And now her dream has come true twice!
  7. Born in Canada, Rosa has Italian origins.
  8. With such a powerful voice, it’s no surprise that she is a vocal teacher too.
  9. She is not a morning person. (Well, who is?!)
  10. Her only request when creating the Black Roze Maze album was to have a duet with Jeff Scott Soto.