Helloween deliver a spectacular performance at Wacken Open Air 03.08

Author Benedetta Baldin - 4.8.2023

If the bad weather conditions have marked the first day of Wacken Open Air, luckily, the sun is shining at the beginning of Thursday. With the first day setting an adrenaline-fueled precedent, anticipation peaks as the festival-goers gear up for an even more intense and unforgettable experience. Day two is notorious for delivering a lineup of powerhouse acts, each striving to leave an indelible mark on the hearts of the fervent crowd. From legendary icons to rising stars, the stages are set for a relentless display of musical prowess and boundless energy.

Ad Infinitum

The first trip we made was to the Wackinger stage, which we thought we knew where it was. Silvio and I ended up totally elsewhere, but somehow we reached it in time for the first songs of Ad Infinitum, led by the shining Melissa Bonny. Taking the stage with an aura of mystique, the band instantly commanded the attention of the raucous crowd, setting the atmosphere ablaze with their signature blend of raw power and haunting melodies. Melissa switches from clean to harsh vocals with ease, and the response from the audience is amazing. A very funny moment happened when Melissa divided the audience into two parts; her left side was Team Adrian, while her right side was Team Korbinian, and we had to scream louder than the other side to make our captain win. The result, though, was unclear, so they continued with their set. Day two is off to an amazing start!

Photo: Silvio Colombo.


After returning to the main stage, about 30 minutes later than scheduled, the all-female band Vixen was ready to rock the Faster stage. We were expecting a mind-blowing performance by these Sunset Boulevard legends, and we were not disappointed. From the very first note, the band unleashed an onslaught of bone-crushing riffs and lightning-fast drum beats that sent shockwaves through the infield. The mesmerizing vocals of Lorraine soared, Britt on guitar was wonderfully holding the rhythmic section, Julia was shredding her bass effortlessly, and Roxy was hammering the drums weaving a captivating sonic tapestry that encapsulated the essence of the glam metal genre. Their set included many classics like “Edge of a Broken Heart” and “How Much Love” as well as covers “You Oughta Know By Now” or “Cryin’“. Vixen‘s performance transcended mere entertainment; it was an unforgettable communion of metal souls and a reminder that within the fiery chaos lies a profound and unifying force.

Photo: Silvio Colombo.

Uriah Heep

Amidst a sea of eager fans, the legendary rock pioneers Uriah Heep took the stage, igniting a time-bending journey through the annals of rock history. As one of the founding fathers of progressive and hard rock, the band’s presence exuded a sense of both reverence and excitement. From the first chords of “Against The Odds”, the audience was transported back to an era when rock ‘n’ roll was still in its infancy, and Uriah Heep reigned supreme. The unmistakable voice of Bernie Shaw captured the crowd, effortlessly hitting the highs and delivering soulful lines to our hearts. Their setlist spanned generations, featuring classics like “Easy Livin’,” “July Morning,” and “Lady in Black,” while completely excluding songs from their latest release “Chaos & Colour”. Uriah Heep‘s showmanship, authenticity, and timeless music proved that they remain a force to be reckoned with, enchanting both longtime fans and new generations alike.

Photo: Silvio Colombo.


The clock strikes 20:45, and it is time for one of Germany’s finest bands to hit the Harder stage: of course, we’re talking about Kreator. In a blistering display of thrash metal mastery, Kreator unleashed an inferno of sonic devastation upon the stage, leaving the audience in awe of their relentless energy and technical prowess. As one of the most iconic and influential bands in the thrash metal genre, Kreator‘s performance was nothing short of a revelation. It was my first time seeing them live and I was completely blown away by their stage presence, their continuous engagement with the crowd and their skills in playing the instruments as well as singing. Wacken was also treated to “Midnight Sun” with Sofia Portanet as a guest on the show, what an incredible surprise! Mille said: “We are Kreator and you are our Hordes of Chaos“, before invoking an old-school crowdsurf. Moshing and headbanging during their songs became an expression of unity, as the boundaries between stage and audience dissolved into a single entity united by the force of thrash metal.

Photo: Silvio Colombo.


And we finish the second day of Wacken with another German band, one that has written many chapters of the metal music. 22:30 and the Faster stage displays a pumpkin, a sign that Helloween is ready to give the audience a memorable experience. As pioneers of power metal, they marked a momentous occasion, reuniting all three of their original vocalists – Michael Kiske, Andi Deris, and Kai Hansen – for a celebration of their illustrious career. The chemistry among the band members was palpable, as their camaraderie and mutual respect shone through during the performance. Guitarists Michael Weikath and Sascha Gerstner, bassist Markus Grosskopf, and drummer Dani Löble formed a tight-knit foundation that flawlessly brought the band’s iconic sounds to life. Their setlist included new tracks like “Mass Pollution“, which was taken to a new level thanks to the help of graphic transitions on the big screens. Classics were not left out, obviously, ending in a grandiose style with the iconic “I Want Out” or “Dr. Stein“. It was a night where the past, present, and future of power metal converged, reaffirming Helloween‘s status as one of the genre’s most beloved and influential bands. We could not have wished for a better ending to this day, which brought a rollercoaster of emotions, music and atmosphere.

Photo: Silvio Colombo.