Photo by Sini Sulkakoski

10 events you can’t miss in Italy this summer

Author Benedetta Baldin - 30.5.2023

The hot weather is just starting, but the hot events are already all lined up for this summer, especially if you like metal in all its forms and genres. Check out this list of events, and don’t forget to buy tickets while they are still available!

10. British Lion

While we all know and appreciate Steve Harris as the bass player for Iron Maiden, it would be foolish to overlook his other band, British Lion. And the Lions will put up a show at the Legend Club in Milan this July to bring some pure heavy metal to the Italian audience. The event is already sold out, but click here, and you can get notified if some other tickets will become available!

9. Infected Rain

Who said that metal is a genre only for men? Women can do metal even better than male colleagues, and this band is the definitive proof of this statement. Infected Rain will return again to Italy for two exclusive concerts in Milan and Rome: click here to get tickets and witness this Heyday Tour 2023!

8. Porcupine Tree

Progressive is not a genre for everyone, but for those who are capable of appreciating it, it’s difficult not to mention this group. The English Porcupine Tree will invade Padua and Rome next month, and we can’t wait to witness this super group performing. It is still possible to get tickets by clicking here.

7. Gojira

It’s time to get closer to our borders because this next band also doesn’t need an introduction: all the way from France, Gojira will deliver a superb performance full of intense atmospheres and, most of all, heavy metal. If this is something appealing to your genre, get tickets here.

6. Deep Purple

Black is the standard colour for every metal listener, but find me someone who doesn’t know who Deep Purple is. And with more than 50 years of career, this legendary group will return to Italy to play three concerts in Parma, Macerata and Pordenone. How can anyone miss this? Get your tickets here as soon as you can!

5. Pantera

Every metal band has some sort of distinctive sound and characteristic, and this next one is definitely one of the most interesting and historical groups. Pantera has shaped groove metal and contributed to many other subgenres, so their show in Bologna is a can’t-miss opportunity. Get your tickets by clicking here.

4. Megadeth

One of the “big four” of the thrash metal genre is coming to Vicenza right at the end of August… and we’re talking about the mighty Megadeth, who will perform a special concert with opening acts Lacuna Coil, Katatonia and Messa. Impossible to resist, so get your tickets while you can!

3. Iron Maiden

We talked about Steve Harris before, so we feel right to include his main act, Iron Maiden, in the list of events that are super hot right now. “The Return Of The Gods” is getting closer and closer, and with the support bands like Stratovarius, Epica, Blind Channel and The Raven Age… Milan will never be the same after this concert!

2. Rammstein

Germany has a long and rich history of pumping out metal bands of all sorts, and Rammstein are absolutely the pioneers of this genre all over the world. With their show full of pyrotechnics, power and explosions, this concert in the Stadio Euganeo in Padua is going to be off the hooks. Get your tickets here!

1. Knotfest

But the most anticipated and exciting of all these events is the first edition of the Knotfest in Italy, specifically in Bologna at the Unipol Arena. Slipknot and many other groups will enchant the Italian crowds for this one-of-a-kind event. VIP upgrades and accesses to the Slipknot Museum are some of the benefits that every ticket holder can have. So, what are you waiting for? Get your tickets here!