Your head will roll – Review of Oceanhoarse’s “Heads Will Roll”

Author Vickky Lewis - 23.2.2023

Helsinki locals Oceanhoarse have released their second studio album “Heads Will Roll” featuring Fan favorite and already released single “Brick”. Oceanhoarse is still being considered the new kids on the block in the metal world. But It’s no doubt that Oceanhoarse have come swinging with a knock out the park album. Oceanhoarse know what they are doing. 

“Heads Will Roll” opens with a build up of guitars, bass and drums creating this electrifying metal medley for their opening track “Fall Like Dominoes”. “Fall Like Dominoes” chorus harmonies are glorious. Harmonies like these also appear in other tracks across the album. Already from just track one, we are falling like Dominoes for this album.

Oceanhoarse have set the tone of the album from the first track – In your face brutal hooks, that feels like you’re watching them live. Pedal to the metal. This gets your energy up as you listen to the album straight through. Giving every moment 110%, the passion poured into “Heads Will Roll” can be heard through each note. In particular the vocals. Giving us vocal gymnastics from booming rough to screams, they match the heart racing trip this album gives. Along with the sharp hard-edged lyrics. 

We do however, get a moment of breath with the instrumental track “Dead Zone” a dark guitar picking track that continues to breathe into more of a relaxed atmosphere. This doesn’t last long before you are back into overdrive with the title track “Heads Will Roll”. 

“Heads Will Roll” is a pure heavy metal album that feels like you’re inside in the mosh pit of their live shows.