#ozztober – Oceanhoarse’s traditional Halloween surprise Ozzy cover online now

Author Flavia Andrade - 28.10.2022

Helsinki-based Heavy Fucking Metal group Oceanhoarse has released it’s annual Ozztober video today. An epic choice of song asked for some epic guests…

Oceanhoarse say:

”This year we picked a true pinnacle of Ozzy’s extensive catalog of songs: “No More Tears”! To make an epic song choice even more special, we had a privilege to join forces with not just one but two true masters of their craft – the keyboard wizard Suvimarja Halmetoja (Humavoid) and the living legend of Finnish metal: Jari Mäenpää (Wintersun). Shout out to Suvimarja for arranging all the orchestra-parts and playing ’em live – sounding just like on the record, and Jari for nailing Ozzy’s sinister lyrics and feeling 100% on his vocals!”

Jari Mäenpää adds:

Ozzy’s music has played a big part in my life, especially albums like “Bark At The Moon”, “No Rest For The Wicked” and “No More Tears”. We chose the title track from the last mentioned, “No More Tears”! This song has always been my favourite Ozzy song. It’s a monster! Mysterious, dark and epic. Ozzy‘s legendary vocals and melody lines in this song are simply brilliant. It was an absolute pleasure singing it with such great musicians!”

You can watch the video below: