Wolves At The Gate announce new studio album “Eulogies” in march 2022

Author Jad - 13.11.2021

Cedarville Christian Post-Punk monsters Wolves At The Gate are back with plans for an all-new fifth studio album titled “Eulogies”. Teasing this album for about a month, Wolves At The Gate put out an excitingly relentless and epic single in October entitled “Shadows“. They also fashionably announced their tracklist (see below video), in which “Shadows” appears to be the opening track. You can also pre-order the album here.

Shadows” will open Wolves At The Gate‘s upcoming album, “Eulogies”

“Eulogies” Tracklist:

01 – “Shadows
02 – “Peace That Starts The War
03 – “Kiss The Wave
04 – “Lights & Fire
05 – “Eulogies
06 – “Weight Of Glory
07 – “Deadweight
08 – “No Tomorrow
09 – “Stop The Bleeding
10 – “White Flag
11 – “Out of Sight
12 – “Embracing Accusations
13 – “Silent Anthem