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Why Robert Plant hates the ukulele

Author Annija Raga - 21.7.2021

Led Zeppelin‘s Robert Plant needs no introduction, and it seemed like we know everything about the legendary singer already, until this day – turns out Plant hates the ukulele instrument. In his latest Digging Deep podcast the singer explained that the reason why he dislikes the instrument is related to an on-tour experience he would rather not remember.

The conversation started when the co-host Matt Everitt said that, during the lockdown, he spent a lot of time in trying to get good at ukulele, to which Plant, without any second thoughts, replied: ” I’m sad to hear that…”. When Everitt, bursting in laughter, replied that it’s a great instrument, Plant continued: ” Ohh, no, no..” and recalled an episode from a tour:

” Skin Tyson, who sometimes masquerades in Cast, he took that feckin’ thing on the road, and because he’s a Scouser (from Liverpool), we had to hear every single Liverpool song from She Loves You to Ferry Cross the Mersey to God knows what on ukulele in every dressing room! “

” So, you’ve got Juldeh Camara from the Gambia with his one-string fiddle, lying on the floor in his string vest on a towel – since I’m the oldest guy, he used to call me Uncle, because it’s a tradition in faraway places – and he’d say, ‘Uncle, why does he do that?’, I said, ‘ Because he’s killing us! ‘ “Plant tells carefreely

You can listen to the full podcast here: