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According to Jimmy Page, Phil Collins is one of the reasons behind the failure of Led Zeppelin’s Live Aid concert

Author Samuel Järvinen - 18.10.2021

When Led Zeppelin returned to the stage at Live Aid in 1985, expectations were high. Unfortunately, according to guitarist Jimmy Page, they had only had a few hours to rehearse with Phil Collins and Tony Thompson, who had been added to the line-up.

In a recent interview with The Sunday Times, Page recalls the incident. According to him, Phil Collins was not the right choice for the line-up.

“The drummer couldn’t get the beginning of Rock and Roll. So we were in real trouble with that”, Page says.

Phil Collins himself told Classic Rock magazine last year that the rehearsals were mainly focused on the song “Stairway To Heaven”. When Collins was practising his drum parts with air drumming, Page was reported to have said, annoyed, that “No, it doesn’t. It doesn’t go like that.”