When songs see the light of day – Review of Unto Others “Strength II…Deep Cuts”

Author Vickky Lewis - 4.3.2023

The Portland Gothic Metal band Unto Others have released the sequel EP to their 2021 album “Strength’. The EP “Strength II…Deep Cuts” was a surprise release from Unto Others. The six tracks that grace “Strength II…Deep Cuts” are tracks that missed out on appearing on the “Strength”. As you listen to the EP they were sadly missed as each track slaps. 

Unto Others fans may have heard these missed tracks as they were only released on vinyl as a special release for Record Store Day in November 2022. Now the whole world can enjoy them. 

For the entity of the EP, you are riding the catchy wave of Gothic Metal that goes up and down with a mix of atmospheric, power ballads and demos. 

Opening with “Sailing In The Darkness” with smashing drums running at 100 for the whole track and experimental vocal techniques. That makes the track have a present of it’s all over the place. But it feels like it’s supposed to be like that. It’s organized chaos that you can see maybe why it wasn’t on the Album “Strength”. However; it is still a banger and the craziness of “Sailing In The Darkness” shows that Unto Others are still reinventing Gothic Metal, experimenting with different sounds and mixing techniques. “Sailing In The Darkness” is a highlight that shines through the darkness. 

The power ballad “Over Western Shores” is the track that makes you wonder why it wasn’t on “Strength”. Thankfully it sees the light of day on this EP. The track is a beautiful moment for Unto Others. With haunting vocals, dark guitar melodys and power guitar riff created this flow that keeps on building. Landing us at a swinging chorus that pushes on the emotion of a ballad. 

The last two track are demos “Change of Heart” and “When The Hammer Strikes” both which could turn into a solid track if Unto Others gives them time and attention. As just from the demos you can hear the strong direction where both tracks were heading. This also goes for other 4 tracks on the EP. Once you listen to the EP on repeat, you can hear maybe the reason why Unto Others didn’t included these tracks on “Strength”. If you looked at each track individually they all have their golden moments and each are different to each other; resulting in a experimental EP that is worth listening too.