“When I said goodbye to the Avantasia guys in 2019 I thought I would never see them again after the cancer diagnosis”: Interview with Ronnie Atkins of Pretty Maids

Author Marko Syrjälä - 13.7.2022

Acclaimed Pretty Maids, Avantasia, and Nordic Union vocalist Ronnie Atkins received life-changing news in early 2020 when he discovered that the lung cancer he had previously beaten was spread. He was diagnosed with stage four cancer meaning the disease is incurable.

The singer didn’t have the cancer diagnosis to let him down and announced that he will be kickng off a solo career by releasing a solo album “One Shot” in March 2021 through Frontiers Music. The second solo album “Make It Count” was released March this year again through Frontiers.

Despite being terminally ill Atkins embarked on a short solo tour and after the tour was ver, he rejoined with his Avantasia mates and played two strong shows in Finland last weekend at Rock In The City Oulu and Sauna Open Air.

Chaoszine had the chance to sit down with Ronnie Atkins at Hotel Torni in Tampere, Finland, before the Avantasia show and discuss his current health situation, solo carer, the state of Pretty Maids as well as what does the future hold for the singer. You can check out the entire video interview below:

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