Wendy Dio reveals how the biography of the late Ronnie James Dio was completed

Author Samuel Järvinen - 4.8.2021

Last year marked the tenth anniversary of the tragic death of Ronnie James Dio, one of metal’s most celebrated singers. A biography of the legendary singer, “Rainbow In The Dark”, which Dio himself had been writing for some time before his death, is due to be published.

Now the late legendary singer’s widow Wendy Dio reveals how the book was completed after Ronnie’s death.

“Ronnie started writing the book. And he wasn’t in a hurry, but he wanted it out. And he would write a bit and then leave it for a while, and then write a bit and leave it for a while. And then, when he was sick, he scribbled a bunch of notes. ‘Cause he wrote the book right up until almost the end of Rainbow. And then he would scribble notes and put different things down that he wanted to remember to put in the book, and so on and so forth. But, unfortunately, he never got to finish it”, she tells and continues:

“I had a book deal for Ronnie when he was still alive. But then we kind of put it aside, and it wasn’t the right time. It’s hard to go down all those memories and stuff. And then Mick Wall kept prodding me and prodding me. He knew Ronnie very well; he was a journalist in the U.K. and had interviewed [Ronnie] many, many times. He’d become a friend over the years. And he kept prodding me, and he said, ‘C’mon. We’ve gotta do this.’ So, a couple of years ago, we decided, ‘Okay. Let’s go for it. Let’s start doing it.’ But I wanted it written in Ronnie’s own words. Fortunately, Ronnie’s mother had a scrapbook with every interview Ronnie had ever done, I think. And we went through a bunch of stuff and picked out things that was carrying on with his life during those times. But it was things that Ronnie still said in interviews. We put that all together, and then memories of mine that came up at that time. So that’s how we finished the book.”