“We wanted to sound more metal again with “Foregone” – interview with Björn Gelotte from In Flames

Author Hernan Osuna - 9.2.2023

Swedish melodic death metal icons In Flames have been around for three decades and their brand new album “Foregone”, the fourteenth in the group’s career, aims for the future but it’s the closest they’ve come to their roots sound in fifteen years.

The Gothenburg melodeath founders gave out an energetic performance at Helsinki Icehall last December and they will be once again in Finland playing at this year’s Tuska Festival, taking place 30 June-2 July in Finland’s capital city.

“Foregone” is a groundbreaking dynamite cartridge ready to explode, the melodeath icons’ best stuff in a while. But, as the saying goes, the best is yet to come. So let’s hear what guitarist Björn Gelotte had to say to Chaoszine in a nice and relaxed talk. Past, present, and future of In Flames, in a unmissable dialogue. Check it below.

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You can check out the singles released from the upcoming In Flames album “Foregone” below: