“We wanted to have headquarters for Children Of Bodom with bar, sauna and loads of memorabilia”: Video report from Bodom Bar & Sauna launching event

Author John Wins - 17.11.2022

Fans of the mighty Children of Bodom have a new place to feel closer to the band, especially since the group’s end and the passing of the legendary Alexi Laiho. Bodom Bar & Sauna, located in Espoo, Finland, hometown of COB, is more than just a bar, but the ultimate experience for any fan of the band or a headbanger looking for good beer, pizza and a place surrounded by memorabilia of one of the most iconic acts Finland has ever exported.

From the first bass Henkka played on the first COB demo to the skateboard used in a music video, you will find tons of setlists, pictures, instruments and a good part of COB‘s history on those Bar walls and shelves. Not only that, you can use one of the three saunas and have the full Finnish experience: listen to metal, have a good drink and enjoy the heat of a sauna.

The idea for a bar came when the band was still touring around 15-20 years ago, visiting Hard Rock Cafes around the world. Since the end of activities, the group’s name remains strong in the scene and the remaining members of this legacy keep it alive and with the quality it deserves. Drummer Jaska Raatikainen and bassist Henkka Seppälä were there when we came to do a report and interview. The two musicians worked hard in the building, painting walls and decorating the place, which reminds the classic garage that the band had for rehearsals, meetings and recordings in the past.

There’s an emotional mood in the air. It is easy to look around and feel that Alexi would be happy and proud what they’ve done. More than just another bar in their city, it is a physical home for the members and passionate fans of COB.

In our conversation, the duo (Janne Wirman wasn’t there yet) talked about the memories of creating a new place, what fans can expect to when visiting the place, upcoming COB plans, such as an exclusive photo book and their future with their current bands, Mercury Circle and Moon Shot.

Later that night, when music media and friends were there for an exclusive opening night, many familiar faces were genuinely happy to see so much detail in some items, such as draft lyrics, handwritten by Alexi or like the first real backdrop they had for the first international tour. It doesn’t matter if you were part of the band’s family/crew or just an old/new COB fan, Bodom Bar is a mecca for everyone who has felt connected to the music of those guys from Espoo at some point.

It is more than a museum, bar or sauna, but the final destination to remember that legacy is something powerful and this one is more than alive.

You can watch our video report about the show below: