“We know who we are, and all of the stuff we are doing feels so right, and we have found ourselves” – interview with Jennifer Haben of Beyond The Black

Author Julia Suloinen - 7.12.2022

A prominent female-fronted symphonic metal act from Germany, Beyond The Black, is ready to present a new, fifth, studio album in mid-January next year via Nuclear Blast Records. Besides its dark fairy-tale atmosphere combined with deeply thoughtful and hopeful lyrics, which can already be witnessed in several released singles – “Reincarnation”, “Is There Anybody Out There” and “Winter Is Coming” – the upcoming album is notable for being given the band’s name as a title.

During the nice chat with Chaoszine Beyond The Black‘s frontwoman Jennifer Haben gave a comprehensive explanation for such album title choice as well as spilled some light on why the recent tour with Amaranthe was the best tour in her life, revealed who was the band’s major driving force, shared her thoughts on Beyond The Black acoustic performances and exclusively gave away the secret of her lambent positivity.

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You can watch the whole interview down below:

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You can check out the song’s released so far from Beyond The Black‘s upcoming album “Self-Titled” below: