Watch Tarja and Torsten Stenzel’s Outlanders new official video “A Peaceful Place (Return To The Oasis)”

Author Silvia Tortiglione - 25.5.2023

We already talked about the arrival of the debut album from the Outlanders project, signed by Tarja Turunen and Torsten Stenzel – you can catch up on all the tracklist and stellar guests here. Now, it’s time to get to the heart of this experimental embrace. A few days ago, the official visualizer for the track “A Peaceful Place (Return To The Oasis)” was released. For veterans of Tarja‘s career, the first notes may sound very familiar. It is a true reworking of the song “Oasis” from the famous singer’s legendary solo album “My Winter Storm”.

Tarja declares:

I was happy to revisit my own Oasis. The very first song that I wrote and that got released back in the days, which makes the song very close to my heart. With Outlanders the song is reborn as we managed to take it to a different place which I could have never imagined when I wrote it just with my piano 16 years ago. I decided to write English lyrics to make it special for Outlanders. I was still living in Buenos Aires, Argentina when I asked my local friend, guitarist Walter Giardino to put his magic into “A Peaceful Place (Return to the Oasis)”. Walter was the very first guitar player that helped us to start with Outlanders and he really captured the soul and idea of what we were looking for it with Torsten. In A Peaceful Place (Return to the Oasis) you can hear his amazing talent both with acoustic and electric guitars. I hope my song can take you to a different journey and that you could find a peaceful place where you can feel safe and free.

– Tarja Turunen

And spreads her say about the visualizer’s creation:

There are few tiny islands close by Antigua and one of them is Great Bird Island that lies on the north coast and is part of the Antigua’s marine park. I have had the pleasure to visit this picturesque island, only accessible by boat several times. The island is known from its extensive bird population and wonderful views. We filmed the visualizer for “A Peaceful Place (Return to the Oasis)” there together with Torsten. The day was sunny and beautiful, and I remember that it was sometimes barely impossible to film, because of the heavy wind, but we managed. Our song needed a tranquil place away from people and The Great Bird island was a perfect spot for it. – Tarja Turunen

A true spiritual awaking, in a stunning location! Enjoy Outlander‘s “A Peaceful Place (Return to the Oasis)”, official visualizer: