Watch: pro-shot footage of Paul Di’Anno performing Iron Maiden classics in Brazil

Author Flavia Andrade - 21.8.2023

Paul Di’Anno, Iron Maiden‘s former singer, performed a set of the latter’s classics at Cavernas Bar in Cuiabá, Brazil. The concert took place on February 18, 2023. A YouTube channel has uploaded pro-shot footage of the whole set.

The setlist featured the following songs:

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Advent calendar

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01. Wrathchild
02. Sanctuary
03. Drifter
04. Purgatory
05. Murders In The Rue Morgue
06. Remember Tomorrow
07. Genghis Khan
08. Killers
09. Charlotte The Harlot
10. Transylvania
11. Phantom Of The Opera
12. Running Free
13. Prowler
14. Iron Maiden

You can check out the footage below: