Watch Corey Taylor Sing Dio’s “Rainbow In The Dark” with Steel Panther on this year’s Shiprocked cruise

Author Jad - 31.1.2022

California based glam metal parody band Steel Panther were joined onstage by Corey Taylor (SlipknotStone Sour) and Christian Martucci (Stone SourCorey Taylor) to cover Dio‘s “Rainbow In The Dark” during their ShipRocked concert aboard the Carnival Breeze on January 25.

Check out fan-filmed video of the performance below (courtesy of YouTube user PGMD):

In December 2020, Zadinia revealed the existence of a previously unreleased Steel Panther collaboration with Taylor. The track, “Steel Panther Fucked My Girlfriend”, was originally written by Steel Panther guitarist Satchel and was recorded with guest vocals by the Slipknot frontman before being shelved for reasons that are not clear. A few years ago, the song ended up being covered by Wheeler Walker Jr., the alter ego of comedian Ben Hoffman, who made his version available on YouTube.

Stix Zadinia discussed the track in an interview with The Crash Report podcast, saying that Steel Panther “never played it. Somehow [Wheeler Walker Jr.] got a copy of it. We never released it. And there’s a version out in one of our hard drives with Corey Taylor singing it.”

When the interviewer told Stix that Steel Panther should release its version of “Steel Panther Fucked My Girlfriend”, Stix agreed. “We should,” he said. “We fucking should. You know what? I need to talk to Satchel about that. Corey Taylor sings “Steel Panther Fucked My Girlfriend”. It’s amazing. It sounds like the fucking Eagles, the original version.”

He continued: “Wheeler Walker did a version of it. The end product, the end result of it, I heard and I was, like, it’s cool and it was nice of him to wanna do, but when you hear our version of it, especially with Corey on it, you’ll be, like, ‘This sounds like the fucking EAGLES.'”

When legendary heavy metal singer Ronnie James Dio (DioHeaven & HellBlack SabbbathRainbow) died in May 2010, Taylor released a statement to Billboard in which he called Dio “one of the strongest, purist and consistent singers of all time. Ronnie sang like he lived — all out, from the heart, with so much honesty and joy. He was a great man with a smile and a handshake for fans and peers alike. He spoke his mind and stood his ground for decades. I will miss him dearly.”

In a separate interview with The Pulse Of Radio, Corey said, “When I got that news that [Ronnie] had passed away, man, it seriously — it broke my heart. It broke it in two. Because honestly, I just feel like there will never be another Ronnie James Dio. He had such a pure voice — and still singing his ass off. I just know he’ll be missed, and I will miss him as well.”