Volucrine releases new single “Combatant”

Author Silvia Tortiglione - 9.1.2023

Finnish alternative metal band Volucrine drops a brand-new single “Combatant”, inspired by the covid-19 pandemic and its repercussion on human beings. Volucrine‘s singer Jupe Velin declares:

Combatant is a pandemic-era power song. It was written at a time when the world was in lockdown and the hope of living a “normal” life again seemed distant and uncertain. I wrote it as a sort of mantra to myself, as a reminder that I have risen from the bottom of the abyss before with fists raised, ready for another round. Why would this time be different?

– Jupe Velin

Then, Volucrine are working on new music and a new album seems to be not so far from here:

Our new album is currently undergoing the finishing touches, and our game plan is to put out singles at a steady pace until we are ready to release the album in its entirety. We have continued our cooperation with the graphically talented Joona Pirhonen, who is again responsible for the lyric video for the upcoming Combatant single. Although I dare not reveal too much about the details of the next song’s release, I can say that we have also managed to shoot one music video in the midst of everything else that’s been going on. I can, with full confidence, say that we’ve really given the upcoming material everything we’ve got and I believe that you will also hear and feel it in our new songs. So you can expect both audio and video material during the upcoming months, and a lot of it!”

– Jupe Velin

But for now, you can enjoy “Combatant”: