Volucrine release their long-awaited album “ETNA”

Author Benedetta Baldin - 18.2.2024

The Finnish modern metal band Volucrine released their long-awaited fourth studio album “ETNA” via Inverse Records

LISTEN/BUY “ETNA” album: https://push.fm/fl/volucrine-etna 

Vocalist Jupe Velin comments:
“Hard to believe we’re finally here! We started working on the album in May 2021, so a lot of water has flowed in Kymijoki while we’ve been working. ETNA was in a way born from the Covid pandemic and the uncertain and anxious atmosphere it brought. That period in life has acted as a bit of a speed bump for us, like most people, but also let us focus on making the best album possible. 

The ultimate feeling right now is pride. ETNA is like a diamond, a precious stone refined over a long time in extreme conditions. A kind of proof that something beautiful can come out of challenges and uncertainty. The name of the album is borrowed from a volcano, because it also piles up a lot of pressure, fire and ash. Now these stories and emotions are finally erupting with explosive force. 

Musically, the album is modern metal at its most fertile. We’ve never been afraid to mix different musical elements together, but this time we dug through to even deeper layers with the power of 7-string guitars and lower tunings. The result is a solid entity, in which brooding alternative metal lays the foundation for personal and varied vocal arrangements. 

Modern metal needs a modern soundscape, which was created at the hands of our bassist Joni Kyynäräinen from KyySounds. As a professional audio producer, he took charge of the recordings and mixing. Mastering was done by MIRO MASTERING to ensure the album crushes like it’s supposed to. With this recipe the best-sounding ensemble of all our releases so far was created, supporting the diverse song material in the best possible way” 

WATCH “Riptide” lyric video: 


Volucrine is a modern metal band that grew up by the cold Kymijoki river, in the shadows of Kouvola’s concrete structures. Founded in 2009, Volucrine‘s mission has been, ever since the beginning, to tell stories of relatable emotions and challenges; to reflect and articulate humane themes beyond the borders of pain. The band’s style of genre-defying melodic alternative metal with vigorous guitar riffs, catchy choruses, and varied, rich vocal arrangements has only grown and refined over the years. Volucrine‘s characteristic sound is created by mixing elements of progressive metal, melodic death metal, and metalcore with the conventions of pop and rock music. This mixture creates a heartfelt but heavy style of music, where genuine emotion and primal frenzy go hand in hand. 

At the beginning of 2024, the band will release their fourth full-length album, “ETNA”, and are eager to get back on stage after spending a long time working in the studio. Volucrine thrives on energetic live shows and is a true force of nature on stage, bringing positive energy and uncompromising power to each performance. Operating at the turning point of their 15-year journey, the reformed band is finally in its purest form and is ready for everything the future has to offer.