Volbeat Rockfest 2023

Volbeat’s new album will be released in 2025

Author Benedetta Baldin - 4.7.2024

The leader of Volbeat, Michael Poulsen, recently finished touring Europe with his death metal project, Asinhell. In a recent video message, he discussed how the composition process for the band’s ninth studio album is going. The projected release date for the follow-up to 2021’s “Servant Of The Mind” is 2025. 

I’m home. I’m dusting off the new Volbeat songs. All the songs have been written for the next album. I’m almost done with the lyrics. Volbeat’s gonna enter the studio later this year. There’s gonna be a new Volbeat record out next year. We’re gonna tour Europe, the U.S. — big tour. So can’t wait to go out with my Volbeat brothers again and see the Volbeat fans out there.

Less than a year ago, the singer underwent throat surgery.

It’s an operation I’ve been through before. This one is just a little bit bigger and it’s gonna take some time to get back in vocal shape. So, Volbeat is not playing [in 2024]. I’ll use a lot of time to get my voice back after the operation. But at the same time, I will actually be writing a new Volbeat album. So hopefully later [in 2024], I can put down the vocals for the next Volbeat album. But in the meantime, I will go out and play shows with Asinhell.

His approach to singing though will not be different.

I do warm up before a show, but there’s no way I’m gonna use my voice after a show. I’m very optimistic about the whole thing. As I said, I tried before and I got good people around me. I’ve got a great coach in Melissa Cross who has been helping out a lot of singers. She will help me out again to get my voice back in shape after the operation. So I like to stay positive, and I’m pretty sure everything’s going to be all right.