Vio-Lence vocalist Sean Killian tells why he refuses to take the vaccine: “Don’t Step on My Freedom”

Author Samuel Järvinen - 31.8.2021

Thrash metal band Vio-Lence‘s vocalist Sean Killian was hospitalised with a corona infection in August. Vio-lence had to cancel their tour because of this. Killian seems to have recovered from the disease.

In a recent video, Killian publicly justifies his decision not to take the vaccine.

“I have been vaccinated more than anyone you probably know who hasn’t been through the same shit that I’ve been through. Because I’ve been through a lot of shit. Before my [liver transplant] surgery — Jesus Christ — I couldn’t count the vaccines I had to take. And there were deadlines, like if you didn’t take it now, you ain’t getting your surgery. So… I’m not against people getting [the vaccine].”

“You wanna get the vaccine? Get the vaccine. I support you a hundred percent. It’s your choice — it’s your choice. And it’s not even about the vaccine for me; it’s about freedom. I’m a free man. I’m internal. My freedom comes from within, not from anyone else. Nobody determines my freedom. So, don’t step on my freedom — that’s all. And don’t step on other people’s [freedom].”