Vio-Lence frontman Sean Killian reveals he is recovering from COVID-19

Author Arto Mäenpää - 23.8.2021

Sean Killian, the frontman of US thrash metal veterans Vio-lence has revealed that he is currently recovering from COVID-19. He has released an official statement about the matter and you can read it below:

“I entered the hospital Thursday to be treated for Covid. I contracted the virus from a friend who was unaware he was carrying it. I am feeling much better but my lung capacity at this time is diminished. My oxygen absorption is good and all my other symptoms have gone away. I will have a recovery period that will take some time. I’m sorry we have had to make adjustments to our schedule but at this time I cannot perform to the level our fans and the band expect and deserve. This will only be temporary and Vio-lence will be back onstage better than ever.

Sean Killian“

The band was supposed to play a show at Psycho Las Vegas festival on August 20th but it got cancelled because of Sean Killian’s COVID-19 infection.