Vikings live on in Borknagar’s latest album “Fall”

Author Vickky Lewis - 26.2.2024

The progressive metal legends from Norway Borknagar have released their twelfth album “Fall”. Containing singles Summits, Nordic Anthem and Moon. The black and folk metal influence shine through making Fall, Borknagar’s most balanced album. 

With each track that runs over four minutes long this allows us to enjoy the musical journey where each track can stand on its own. Each track has its own story to tell digging deeper into the world that is Borknagar more than ever. 

Opening with Summits, was like opening with an establishing shot in a film. Perfectly setting up what “Fall” is all about – Explosive and beautiful. Jumping right into the extreme vocals and harsh guitars then juxtaposition with clean vocals and spirited instrumentals. These two elements continuity contrast themselves throughout the album which keeps you on your toes. Knowing the exact point when to unlash the black metal beast and to keep him at bay with charming sounds. Even doing this in a single breath, shows how talented and how far they have come as a band. 

Borknagar have produced a viking album that is ready for battle. Along with stories to tell and emotions to ride.