Photo credit: Jørn Veberg

Borknagar announce new Album “Fall”, share first single “Summits”

Author Flavia Andrade - 16.12.2023

Norwegian progressive black metallers Borknagar have announced their new album, “Fall”, out on February 23, via Century Media. The effort was mixed by Jens Bogren (OpethAmon Amarth).

Guitarist Øystein G. Brun commented:

We are extremely proud to present you all with our twelfth album entitled ‘Fall’, another chapter of our musical journey. In many ways, ‘Fall’ represents a continuation of ‘True North’, but as always, we are pushing further and afar to seek even broader and more challenging horizons.

Musically, we are loyal to our musical legacy, but we have most certainly walked through fire and ice to reach our highest peak yet. Although ‘Fall’ represents a wide array of musical and lyrical ideas, the fundamental theme behind the album is based on the fascination and appreciation of the very outskirts of life. Those places, and those beings, in the vast periphery of our own existence that very few live to see or even learn to know about- but still are profoundly essential for our existence.

With ‘Fall’, we seek to portray and cherish all that holds up and pushes boundaries — against the great fall.

Brun also spoke of this first single:

From the day you are born, nature will do everything in its power to get you back into the ground. The lonesome struggle of being you or the mighty struggle of all life, will eventually tear you down from the inside — or from the outside. But for the short glimpse of time we endure, we all seek the ultimate heights of our very own existence. Our first single ‘Summits,’ from the upcoming album ‘Fall’, scopes in on this everlasting drama of life — where the drama unfolds — at the very outskirts of life.

“Fall” track listing:

01 – Summits
02 – Nordic Anthem
03 – Afar
04 – Moon
05 – Stars Ablaze
06 – Unraveling
07 – The Wild Lingers
08 – Northward

You can stream the new single below: