Uriah Heep’s upcoming album has been mixed

Author Samuel Järvinen - 14.2.2022

Heavy metal veterans Uriah Heep have been working on their upcoming album in peace and quiet. Now the band’s new album has been mixed, and will now move on to mastering and awaiting release.

The band’s guitarist Mick Box explains:

“We just okayed all the mixes from [producer] Jay Ruston. He did [2018’s] ‘Living The Dream’. He’s been doing it. And he’s out in L.A. so he’s been sending the stuff. I just sent around a load of titles for everyone to pull one out of the bag… And then we’ve gotta do the artwork, of course. Once the title’s been delivered, the artwork has gotta come with that, and then all the credits and everything else and lyrics and all that stuff. So that takes a bit of time.”

“Plus with everything that’s happened, and we will release it on vinyl, I think there’s a seven-month run-up before you can get anything — simply because of the state that COVID has left the business in. The bottom line is once we’ve delivered all that, we give it to the record company and they are the people that really decide [when to put it out]. We have no input whatsoever. Because it’s a business — they’ll find the right time for them to benefit.”

The band’s previous album “Living The Dream” was released in 2018.