Update from Ice-T on Body Count’s upcoming “Merciless” album: he hopes to release the album before summer 2023

Author Hernan Osuna - 9.2.2023

Body Count, the cross over band fronted by US rapper Ice-T, announced in June 2021 that they have started writing material for their next LP “Merciless” Now, according to a recent interview with Metal Hammer, the band has nine songs ready for the album, as Ice-T revealed.

The rapper said he and his bandmates are “about halfway through” recording the follow-up to 2020’s “Carnivore” with producer Will Putney, with hopes to release it before summer 2023. The group will record a total of 15 tracks for the album.

It hasn’t been the easiest album to record, simply because we’re coming off the heels of ‘Carnivore’. It was a great, award-winning record and we never got to perform it. Playing songs on the road is usually what inspires your next album, so we came into this kinda cold, from a dead space“, told Ice-T.

The musician also added that there is a chance to collaborate again alongside Dave Mustaine from Megadeth. “Mustaine has got at us already. He wants to write a song. Dave worked with us on ‘Bloodlust’ — he did ‘Civil War’. But usually what we do with a Body Count album is make it first by ourselves, then call in people.”