Unearth to release their next album in May: new track “Mother Betrayal” available to listen to

Author Hernan Osuna - 5.3.2023

US metalcore band Unearth are set to release their next album “The Wretched; The Ruinous” on 5 May. “Mother Betrayal“, the second single from the band’s forthcoming album, has now been released to be heard. Watch the video below.

Vocalist Trevor Phipps has the following to say about it: “‘Mother Betrayal’ is an ominous banger heavily laden with the melodic death metal, thrash, and metallic hardcore combination that has signified our sound since the beginning. It kicks up the aggression and ferocity beyond previous recordings while also veering into new territories musically, vocally, and structurally. ‘Mother Betrayal’ is a warning that we are smashing past multiple ecological tipping points caused by our dependence on fossil fuels that will forever alter life on our planet.

Unearth‘s upcoming album is produced by Will Putney (Body Count, Thy Art Is Murder) and is the band’s eighth in a row. The album will be the band’s first without guitarist Ken Sus, who left the band in 2022. Trevor Phipps said the following about Ken Sus’ departure in a press release:”It simply came time for Unearth and Ken to take a break from working together. He’ll always be a large part of the story of this band, and we wish him the best on all of his endeavors.