Unbridled aggression: Dying Fetus strikes with a new album “Make Them Beg for Death”

Author Oussama El Ouadie - 19.9.2023

Where do we even begin? It’s yet another brilliant release from a band that’s been a constant force in the brutal death metal scene for ages, and their unyielding hunger for violence, brutality, and sheer aggression remains undiminished.

“Make them Beg for Death” Dying Fetus‘ latest offering, left us begging for more, and it is a masterclass in ferocity, reaffirming the Maryland power trio’s dominance in the realm of extreme metal.

Dying Fetus relentlessly pushes the boundaries of their signature brutality, stuffing your face with relentless riffs from start to finish. Their unapologetic approach, devoid of fancy melodies and smooth licks, serves aggression on a silver platter with utmost precision.

The unrelenting drumming, dual vocal mayhem, and suffocating onslaught of chugs and breakdowns leave you speechless, unleashing your inner beast when you crank up the album. It’s unrefined and exudes authenticity, leaving you in awe of the band’s unwavering dedication, integrity, and over three decades of skull-crushing music. They haven’t sold out; they’ve stayed true to themselves, consistently delivering the most brutal music without becoming a parody, but rather evolving and pushing their limits.

In retrospect, this album is exactly what you’d anticipate from Dying Fetus, and that’s precisely what we crave. We love Dying Fetus for a reason, and they continue to exceed our expectations.

On the production front, there’s little to say except that the guitar tone is as delectable as ever, fitting perfectly with both the thunderous chugs and virtuosic sweeps and solos. The drums are reminiscent of a relentless machine gun in your ears, as a testament to why blast beats are essential to death metal.

All hail Dying Fetus!