Ugly Kid Joe releases video for “Kill The Pain”

Author Flavia Andrade - 22.7.2022

Ugly Kid Joe‘s upcoming studio album, “Rad Wings Of Destiny”, will be released on October 21.

After the release of the first AC/DC-hommage single, “That Ain’t Livin’“, about a month ago, the band drops the secong song off the album, “Kill The Pain“.

In guitarist Dave Fortman’s words:

“The lyrics are written from the perspective of peer pressure and outside influences that keep so many people from getting clean. The line ‘beautiful we lay here under the sky, watching the loneliness die’ always felt like the perfect metaphor for me to define this song. Kill the pain and if only for a moment, end the suffering of addiction”.

You can watch the singles off “Rad Wings of Destiny” below: