Trivium’s next album to be influenced by “Ascendancy”

Author Flavia Andrade - 26.2.2024

Having recently announced a tour alongside Bullet For My Valentine, during which Trivium will perform “Ascendancy” (2005) in full, vocalist Matt Heafy has spoken of Trivium’s next album in a recent interview with “Rock Sound”.

Heafy said:

What we’ve been talking about is trying – not even trying – but getting back in the headspace of “Ascendancy”. Since we’ll be in that headspace, writing new music there and definitely having [Matt Tuck, of Bullet For My Valentine] on vocals. He has to do it now that it’s on film. He has to do it. So that I think that’ll be amazing.

Tuck also spoke of Bullet For My Valentine‘s upcoming plans, saying that there might be a collaboration between them and Trivium in the near future.

Tuck said:

We’re doing some very special limited editions of vinyls of “The Poison”, and combining a bunch of stuff with behind the scenes never released footage and artwork and all that kind of good stuff. Maybe even doing a collab with another band. You know, stuff like that. We’ll see how that goes.

You can check out the interview with both Heafy and Tuck below: