Triumph over the North: Myrkur at Academy 2, Manchester, UK

Author Sabrina Ramdoyal - 25.4.2024

In the realm of heavy metal, Myrkur has forged a path, enchanting audiences with unique blends of black metal and folky ethereal soundscapes. Setting the night on the right path of mesmerising identity, Jonathan Hultén of Tribulation fame gave an elaborate presence that created an enigmatic atmosphere, setting the right tone for an unforgettable evening. Through her captivating performance, Myrkur showcased the versatility of her artistry. From the haunting melodies of “Tor” to the aggressive intensity of “Ulvinde” and had a delightful tour duet of “House Carpenter“, Amalie Bruun effortlessly navigated the spectrum of black metal, revealing her ability to creating atmospheres that were not only appealing, but clearly unsettling. The evening was more than just a concert; it was an immersive experience that left a testament to the transcending boundaries that connected the human soul. As the final notes of “Death of Days” faded into the night, the venue felt both exhilaration and introspection. Spirits touched by the raw emotion and artistry of Myrkur and Jonathan Hultén.


Jonathan Hultén