Torchia release a single “Arcane Magicae” – the album of the same name will be released in February

Author Samuel Järvinen - 13.12.2023

Torchia, delivering riff-driven melodic death metal, will release their third full-length album “Arcane Magicae” on February 9th. The single bearing the album’s name has now been released.

“The title track brings together the elements of the upcoming album into one epic journey. The memorable main melody and pummeling blast beats will surely take the listener to the underworld”, warns vocalist Nox.

The album is produced and mixed by Janne Saksa (Turisas, Korpiklaani, Mokoma, Stam1na). The striking cover art is painted by Santiago Caruso, an Argentine symbolist artist and a trusted collaborator of the Finland-based band. 

According to vocalist Nox, the upcoming album draws from the heavy roots of its genre.

“For us, melodic death metal is still about guitar-driven extreme metal. The emphasis is on the word ‘death’ – both musically and thematically. We haven’t abandoned this vision, even though our sound has expanded.”

Track listing:

1. There’s a Witch Among Us 

2. My Dearest Fiend 

3. La Magra 

4. Rat Shaman 

5. Serpent Icon 

6. The Messenger 

7. Red Luna Ceremony 

8. Silver Horns 

9. Arcane Magicae