Tobias Forge says Opeth guitarist Fredrik Åkesson helped with the recording of Ghost’s new album: “He’s so amazingly talented”

Author Samuel Järvinen - 25.1.2022

Swedish rock band Ghost announced recently that they will release their new album “Impera” in March. Tobias Forge, the band’s leader, recently joined the radio show Full Metal Jackie to discuss the album.

In the programme, Forge reveals that Fredrik Åkesson, guitarist of Swedish metal greats Opeth, was involved in the recording of the album.

“This time around, I actually had another guitar player coming in, mounting the massive work of actually redoing everything. I’ve played guitar all my life, but, unlike most guitar players who are in successful bands, they play as they tour. I am doing a whole slew of other things, so, it almost feels like every time I saw start writing again, and demoing and doing pre-production, I quickly have to go up to par again”, Forge says and continues:

“But when it came to actually performing, I had a friend of mine, Fredrik Åkesson, the guitar player from Opeth. He’s the sort of person who plays five hours every day. He’s so amazingly talented. He can play circles around anything that I put on tape and he can do it with flair.”

You can listen to Ghost’s new song “Call Me Little Sunshine” below.