Three-piece rock ’n’ roll machine Petrolbreath from Finland dive into the themes of love and the pleasures of the flesh with their latest single

Author Benedetta Baldin - 18.2.2024

Petrolbreath is a three-piece rock ’n’ roll machine from Finland and the band has reached its current form in 2019 with members Joni Tammenpää (bass/voice), Ville Panhelainen (guitars) and Lassi Huotari (drums). Influenced by such bands as Motörhead, Clutch, The Hives, and the like, Petrolbreath delivers a bare-bones and honest interpretation of gasoline-drenched rock ‘n roll. The band has been active on the gig front since 2019 and released its debut single “Lucifer’s Wings on 2021.

Now Petrolbreath has released the single “Carnal Rivals” from their upcoming EP ”Spread Your Wings and Die” to be released next month.

“Carnal Rivals is about fierce love in animalistic terms and how two people try to get on top of each other it comes down to love and the pleasures of the flesh. The song starts with a “double solo” of the guitar and the bass, which takes the listener on a triumphant feel-good journey of love. Due to its versatility, the song keeps the listener hooked in the song from the first notes until the final climax.”

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