Petrolbreath releases new EP ”Spread Your Wings And Die”

Author Benedetta Baldin - 22.3.2024

Petrolbreath‘s tank is full and the engine is running hot; “Spread Your Wings And Die” EP is a tight and versatile coverage of the band’s uncompromising style and it hits like a freight train. This four-track release includes two previously released singles “You’re With The Band” and “Carnal Rivals” and the EP continues on the line set by these songs with fists in the air and foot firmly on the gas pedal. In addition to the previously released singles, the EP includes the heavily grooving “Going Down In Flames” and the manically pounding “Hydrophobic“. So put on your leather jacket and let’s ride! See you on the road!

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Petrolbreath is a three-piece rock ’n’ roll machine from Finland and the band has reached its current form in 2019 with members Joni Tammenpää (bass/voc), Ville Panhelainen (guitars) and Lassi Huotari (drums). Influenced by such bands as Motörhead, Clutch, The Hives, and the like, Petrolbreath delivers a bare-bones and honest interpretation of gasoline-drenched rock ‘n roll. The band has being active on the gig front since 2019 and released its debut single “Lucifer’s Wings” on 2021.