The Mist From The Mountains presents a perfect balance between brutal and melodic black metal on “Monumental – The Temple of Twilight”

Author Maria Goe - 26.2.2022

As a good lover of black metal in all its aspects and subgenres, I start by saying that “Monumental – The Temple of Twilight”, the first full album by the Finns The Mist From The Mountains, is an album that knew how to balance very well between melodic and raw/brutal, and presented to the public a new sound even within the traditional. Almost as if it took you for a walk in a place you already know very well, but now in a different way.

Empyrean Fields” is the track responsible for opening the album and brings the already known Nordic icy atmosphere that every good black metal fan loves. “Thus Spake the Tongueless Serpent” for me is the most thought-provoking track on the album, where they seem to venture into an experimentalism that gives a very different touch to the album!

With the Sun and the Skies and the Birds Above” also deserves a bigger spotlight due to the acoustic guitars that are divided in the music and make the Nordic air more evident, in a sound that also reminds the blackgaze subgenre!

Overall, “Monumental – The Temple of Twilight” presented a consistent album and left a strong personality in their debut, lavishing experience of a group of black metal veterans!