The legendary Cannibal Corpse tore Rock City to shreds

Author Alina Salihbekova - 26.4.2023

Nottingham was the last date of the long tour for Cannibal Corpse, and they did not hold back. The show was mental from start to finish. With the sound of extreme “corpse-grinding” metal, the venue turned into a sea of crowd surfers. Although it might have been partially scary for a simple bystander, it was also wholesome and positive. The band members shouted out all the women in the crowd and threw plush toys, confetti and balloons into the audience. The atmosphere was engaging, although it was hard to move around the venue and not be dragged into a dance circle. Shout out to Stormruler, Ingested and Dark Funeral, who brought a diversity of genres into the gig.


Dark Funeral:

Cannibal Corpse:

Cannibal Corpse setlist:
Scourge of Iron
The Time to Kill Is Now
Inhumane Harvest
Code of the Slashers
Fucked With a Knife
The Wretched Spawn
Kill or Become
I Cum Blood
Evisceration Plague
Death Walking Terror
Condemnation Contagion
Necrogenic Resurrection
Unleashing the Bloodthirsty
Devoured by Vermin
A Skull Full of Maggots
Stripped, Raped and Strangled
Hammer Smashed Face